Dooley Portrait Suit

Blond man executive portrait in office with clocks on the wall

AA tarmac Ft. Worth, TX

view from under Boeing 777 wing looking out on tarmac at other AA airplanes

Dan Black Portrait

Black male executive portrait. he is wearing dark blue pintripe suit with blue tie and yellow symbols, blue shirt with law books on shelf behind him

Guy office/pharma

Dr. researcher with green vest sitting at desk with windows in background, from Pharma shoot in LA

Morning Meeting WF

2 men in white shirts looking up, stiting at conference room table in am meeting.

American airlines-Sunrise

MD-80 jet at gate looking out to tarmac with another plane in background at sunrise in LA.

man in the pit in the NY Stock Exchange

dark haired man in dark suit with 2 men behind him in blue jackets and monitor in front of them in the pit at the NY Stock Exchange.


Woman in blue sweater looking back with headphones and microphone in front seat of helicopter in the air.

Thank U Jim- Cow-India

cow on sidewalk in Calcutta India with bluish wall and red loading dock with green door in background. Hand painted on cow-Thank U Jim in graffiti style type

close up man w/goatee in the Pit, NY Stock Exchange

close up man w/goatee in the Pit, NY Stock Exchange looking up at monitors.

Thomas Kearney-Wicckgroup 1

Male executive prtrait-wearing dark grey suit with goldleafed books behind him. Man has very short cropped dark hari.

Alesandra Radman

Female executive in Grey suite with grey sweater around shoulders, long med. blond hair, portrait with painting on wall behind her.

Man in NY Stock Exchange

light haired man, wearing glasses, in light brown suit in front of 2 men in blue jackets, looing up in the pit in the NY stock exchange

Asian Business Woman on desk

Woman executive wearing green sweater and dark dress sitton on a desk in front of a lrge window.

Adam Cryer- Wicks Group

Younge male executive portrait. Dark jacket yelow tie with some stripes, light color shirt against a wold wall with a horse sculptue.


Two male exects from Walter Frank Assoc. on the balcony of the NYSE on Wall St. New York Stock Exzchange flags behind them and trading floor below.

Marie Forriser
3 Architects

3 Architects portrait, black and white, on plain white background.


Man with thick grey mustach in balck suit with bridge in background,holding a card with a bar code that reads Jim Cleavland. Black and white photo done indoors looking out window.

Universal McCann

Three executives from Universal McCann- from Annual Report shoot. Ringflash.

Erik Scott -Wicks Group

Blondish younge exec guy with blue shirt and yellow tie graduated grey background.