Blond haired guy (Dave) head back mouth wide open with broken front tooth againsed a greyish mottled background- in color.

Man and daughter Bangkok

Man with daughter on his back in Bangkok Thailand

Lidia Bastianich of Falidia's, NYC

Color portrait of Lidia Bastianich wearing red dress seated at a table in her restaurant - Falidia - NYC- with a brick wall and flowers in background. Shot for Cover of NASFT magazine

Chinese Lab Guy-Pharma-Amgen

Chinese guy in lab coat in front of computer screen, with hands on keyboard,in lab at Amgen Campus. Color photo with light coming in from window in front of him.

Dooley in conferece room

Man with blong hair and gold sweater sitting on table in conference room.

Gladys Jones and Cat

Old woman with white hair hlding cat with flowered blouse. Black and white, very contrasty.

Jaques Papin - NYC

Chef Jaques Papin at The French Culinary School, NYC - dress in white coat in kitchen front of table with food. Color pohto originally done for NASFT magazine

Lobsterman - Microsoft  long Island

Salty type fisherman with orange apron arms fold across chest with bandana on his head and grey beard with fishing boat and water behind him

Blue Bar-Nigel

Nigel in white coat in room with blue walls and marle. Color photo. Location at the Blue Bar in London

Wite Psychic

Head and shoulders portrait of plump older white haired, white woman, wearing white with a dark background. Black and white photo

Paul Bocuse under Umbrella

Paul Bocuse, French Chef, wearing his whites,outside his restaurant in France, with a black waiter holding a red umbrella.

Paul Bocuse_Lyon_France

Chef Paul Bocuse, wearing full white apron and toque, in his restaurant in Lyon France standing on terrazzo floor with tables set and fireplace in background.

Raenard Brown

Portrait of a black man, short cropped hair, against a grey mottled background, wearing a dark grey sweater, Black and white- KPR shot for HIV people


Man painting street scene Horatio St, in W. Village, NYC. He is in forground with easle and pink blossom trees.

Caverject Man

Older caucasion man with grey hair, with right hand on side of his head with a serious look on his face. Black and white with a contrasty side light without much fill on right side. For adv. for Caverject Erectile Dysfunction drug, KPR adv. NYC


Group of 8 Black men, in dirty coveralls, sitting and standing on metal pipes on sidewalk, looking down the block in NYC

Apple Pan

Waiter in white shirt at the Apple Pan rest. in LA. Black and white photo.


Woman standing in doorway -with black top and loose fitting grey pants-with screendoor open, outdoor light on the exterior wall next to door, palm leaves framing black and white shot.

Sugimoto Livingroom-LA

Mr. and Mrs. Sugimoto on sofa in livingroom with paintings on wall and grandfather clock on left side. Red Pointstia in forground In color in Los Angeles.

Korean Dad and Daughter

Older Korean man with younge daughter about 20yrs old, black and white. Head and shoulders with daughter on right slightly behind and above the man.

Black Woman-Pharma

Older plump Black Woman wearing a blue and white dotted dress, pearl necklace, smiling and looking to side against a graduated blue to black background.

Painter Meat packing NYC

Woman in light blue jeans standing at easle and painting in sunset light in the Meat packing district in NYC